805 PetSit offers pet sitting in your home so that no part of your pets' daily routine is interrupted. We offer half-hour visits as often as you deem necessary. 

Areas of Service
805 PetSit provides pet sitting in Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Santa Rosa Valley and outlying areas. Check out our rates page for more information on areas of service.

Benefits of a Pet Sitter
Keep your pet at home in its most comfortable environment to avoid any stress, danger or health risks. 

Dog Walking/Running
A well-exercised pet is less likely to have behavioral issues and will live a longer, healthier life. Our pet sitters are athletic and capable of handling any dog. Consider hiring us to help exercise your pet.

We're here for all your petsitting needs

Pampered Pets
We believe in positive reinforcement, tender loving care and gentle guidance when it comes to working with animals. They're only here for a short while and they are so very special.

walking - loving - playing

805 Pet Sit

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Are you ready for a pet?

Adopting a companion animal is a big step -- one that will affect your lifestyle for many years.

How to keep them safe
Hazards can be all around your home. Your pet's safety depends on you.

Keep them healthy
Why does my dog eat poop?
Is it really beneficial to my health to own a pet?

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