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805PetSit.com is a partnership started in 2009 by Kathleen Driscoll. Located in Moorpark, CA, 805PetSit.com covers most areas of eastern Ventura County, including Moorpark, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks and Santa Rosa Valley with extended areas for a nominal mileage fee. Read more about us in this story from our local paper: 

A little video about who we are and what we do. Enjoy!


Kathleen started 805 Pet Sit in 2009 and every year has been better than the last. She has gained tremendous experience from all her work with animals and is always eager to learn more. She currently volunteers at L.I.F.E. Animal Rescue and has three cats of her own. She often has foster babies and has been a pet owner of cats, dogs, fish, birds, hamsters and a tortoise. Kathleen is the mother of two boys, a former PTA president and an avid runner/athlete. 805 Pet Sit and the animals in her care are her number one priority. 



​​Jill has been around pets her whole life. She always goes beyond the call of duty to make sure everything is just right at your house. If there is anything extra she can do, she'll happily volunteer. She is extremely conscientious. The health and welfare of your pet is of utmost concern. Jill has been a pet sitter off and on since her teenage years. She is also a member of PSI and a volunteer at the local boy scout troop. She has two boys and enjoys spending time with Cinnamon her Cocker Spaniel/Dachshund mix. Jill loves spending time outdoors walking and running the dogs. 




Kathleen loves ALL the pets!

Jill bonding with Emmit & Troy.


Michelle and Shasta having fun with filters.


​​Michelle is the very definition of all a great pet sitter should be. She worked as a pet sitter/dog walker in Texas before moving to SoCal and we are very lucky to have her. Michelle just loves any kind of critter and usually spends extra time with them to get her "fix". She's a doting grandma and a loving mom, too. She has a sweet doggy and kitty cat of her own and enjoys watching her son play sports.





Cybil joined our team as summertime help, but things worked out so well that she is staying on for help year 'round. She is loving and kind to all animals. Her past experience as a vet assistant right here in Moorpark brings great experience and knowledge to the job. We are lucky to have her! Cybil is married with two kids, two dogs and two cats. She enjoys the martial arts and running for hobbies. She's super smart and super capable!

Cybil handles Zinc, Roxy & Bella with ease.


Cheyenne has been a wonderful addition to the team. Cheyenne may be younger, but she has been a pet sitter for some time already and knows a lot about administering medications and how to deal with a scared or shy pet. She takes her time at each stop and makes sure everything is covered. The animals love her and she enjoys spending time with each and every one. 

Photo coming soon.


Georgina enjoys lots of dog walks with all our regulars and can handle pretty much anything that's thrown her way. She is a dog whisperer in so many ways and has endless patience with even the shyest of pets. We usually think of her first when a client mentions an animal with special needs. She is wonderful with all the pets in her care. They love her immediately and know she's an animal person. She has been around animals all her life and has an excellent instinct for what they are feeling. 

Georgina lovin' on Theo... or vice versa?


Kim comes through your house leaving it better than she found it. She's even been known to wash  the dishes! She sweeps around the kitty litter box, wipes down all the counters, spruces up the backyard and makes sure the trash is out so you don't come home to any strange odors or awful messes. Kim has vast experience with all types of animals and is comfortable giving medications and shots. She loves all the pets and it's pretty clear they love her, too!

Kim & Olive looking picture perfect.


Kathleen, Jill, Cybil, Michelle, Cheyenne, Kim & Georgina are exceptional people with extraordinary skills when it comes to animals. They are all completely reliable, positively trustworthy and very flexible so that you can make appointments, travel and even just go to work knowing that your pets are in good hands while you're away. 


walking - loving - playing

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