Q. What will the pet sitter do during visits with my pets?
A. Visits will usually consist of providing fresh water, feeding, playtime, outdoor time (when requested) and plenty of attention for your pet. Your pet sitter may also turn lights off/on, open or close blinds or drapery, collect the mail, take the trash out, etc.

Q. Is the pet sitter ever available for time other than when I go on vacation?
A. Absolutely! 805PetSit.com also offers services such as walking your dog or checking on an old or ill pet while you're at work, as well as taking your pets to grooming and veterinary appointments.

Q. When I go out of town how many times per day will the pet sitter visit my pets?
A. 805PetSit.com offers visits to your home as often as you deem necessary, depending on your preferences. Extended visits may be arranged, and special circumstances for individual animals can be discussed.

Q. How long will the pet sitter visit with my pets?
A. Most visits require approximately 30 minutes to adequately care for and love your pet. Extended dog walks or playtime can be arranged.

Q. If my pet becomes ill while I'm away, how will that be handled?
A. Information will be obtained from you in advance on how to handle such emergencies. You will be asked to complete a form detailing the name of your vet, how much money you authorize to be spent on your pet's behalf, and contact names of people who may help with decision making should you not be reachable.

Q. What if the pet sitter has an emergency and can't get to my pets?
A. We are currently a team of seven, all well-versed on how to handle any pet sitting situation. We always have someone who can get to your pets. 

Q. Should I contact my pet sitter before I leave to confirm my trip?
A. Definitely! Just before you leave, call or text your pet sitter to confirm that the trip is going as scheduled and then again when you return home. 

Q. How are my keys handled?
A. All keys are kept in a secured lock box on 805PetSit.com premises. In order to make it easier for you, we offer to keep your key for future pet sitting engagements.

Q. What about insurance and bonding?
A. 805PetSit.com is fully insured, licensed and bonded. This protects you should there be an incident that involves either your pet or your property. 

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. Your spot is yours and we may have declined another client to keep that spot for you.

We know life can throw curveballs, but if you are forced to cancel with less than 12 hours

notice, we will charge for half the price of the visit you had scheduled. If we show up to

do the stop and are told it is not needed, we will charge for the full visit.


Q. Do you offer over night pet sitting?

A. We currently do not have an overnight pet sitter. 

Q. What about references?
A. Definitely ask your pet sitter for references, and check on them.

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