805 PetSit offers many services to provide for you and your pet. Please ask us if there is a service you are interested in and do not see listed here. 

Pet Sitting Rates

Our basic per-visit rate is $20/per half-hour.

Rates change slightly during specific busier periods listed on calendar below:

$23/per half-hour during seasonal rates period (yellow), $25/per half-hour on minor holidays (green), $28/per half-hour on major holidays, (red).


Due to the high demand over holiday weeks, our

per-visit rate will be $23 each. ($25 on minor holidays and $28 on major holidays)

See calendar below for designated weeks highlighted in yellow. Minor

holidays in green, major in red.



Dog Walking Rate

Thirty minute walk: $20 per walk [$23 during seasonal rates period (red), $25 on minor holidays (yellow), $28 on major holidays (green)] 

One hour walk: $40 per walk (hour long walks not available on holidays)

Customers who use us weekly throughout the year will not be effected by Seasonal Rates.

Key pick up/drop off

$5 (Only applies when special trip is made to pick up or drop off key)

Last Minute Add Fee 

If you contact us to add at the last minute (less than 24 hours notice) we may charge $5 more per visit. based on availability. This fee would only apply to visits within said 24-hour period. From there fees would return to our normal rate. 

Cancellation Policy

We understand that life can throw curveballs and we try to be as flexible as possible. However, your reservation is held just for you and we may have declined another customer just to keep your spot. If you are forced to cancel with less than 12 hours notice, we will charge for half the price of that scheduled visit.

We do charge for a full visit if we show up and then learn the visit is not needed.

Extra Services

Alternate curtains/blinds and lights: Free

Water plants: Free

Collect Mail and/or newspaper: Free

Take out/bring in trash cans: Free

Errand service: $20 per trip

Holiday Charges

Extra charges will apply on the following holidays. ($8 on major holidays, listed in bold, $5 all others)

  • New Year's Eve 

  • New Year's Day (major holiday)

  • MLK Day

  • President's Day

  • Spring Break week

  • Easter Sunday (major holiday)

  • Memorial Day

  • 4th of July (major holiday)

  • Labor Day

  • Veteran's Day

  • Thanksgiving Day (major holiday)

  • Christmas Eve

  • Christmas Day (major holiday)

If you're already paying for the price of a visit,

a walk can be included during that time for no extra charge.

walking - loving - playing

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