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Merging onto the 805

It's our first blog post! For years we've talked about how much happens every week as we go through our daily pet sitting stops. Now it's time to chronicle them.

From the hilarious to the outrageous and the oh-so-sad, we want to share our experiences with you.

Today's story is about the lesson we learned from Blue the Husky. Before we started caring for Blue, his owner warned us that Huskies like to run. Given the opportunity, they'll take off like a shot and never take time to look back. They go selectively deaf without even slowing down at the sound of their name. True to form, on our third visit with Blue, he somehow squirmed his way out of his collar and took off like a shot. Of course, we tried to chase him. Kind of like chasing a freight train, but what else would you do? We ran and we ran and we ran. So did Blue. Funny thing was...Blue didn't run far, he just ran all around. Each time he went a certain distance, he'd circle back and run by again. We kept thinking it was our chance to catch him, but of course, never could. After a while, due to sheer exhaustion on our part, we were forced to give up the chase. Once the chase was over, Blue was no longer having fun and he came home. Bored.

Well, that was easy! So now we know. If the dog escapes, it might be easier to just sit and wait for their return. Not always, but usually.

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