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At 805 PetSit, our goal is customer satisfaction for you and your pet. We still believe that the customer is always right (whether human or animal). The greatest compliments we can receive are your praise and referrals. Here are just a few of the nice things people say.

From Elsa & Gato's mom

Thank you so much for your wonderful services! we couldn't be more pleased with the love and care you gave to our cats and our home while we were away. You all are the BEST! I've given a recommendation on my own FB page and want to spread the love around for you guys!



From Gabriel and Gibson's dad

Kathleen and Jill are AWESOME!!! I found them on Craig's list 2 days before leaving for a 4-day trip. They visited my dogs the next day to get a lay of the land and started the following day. I could not have been more impressed and pleased with their love and care...daily text messages from my dogs...report cards...and even a keychain left behind with pics of our crazy mutts!

Gotta Love 805PetSit.com.




From Lola's mom

I can never say enough great things about these ladies. When we are away, we know that Lola is in great hands. Not only do they take fabulous care of our pet, they take such good care of our home. Just when I thought I couldn't rave about them any more than I already have, they took it to a whole new level. While out of town, the refrigerator died. Not only did I get a text, apologizing for having to give me bad news on vacation, they threw away all of the thawed food from the freezer and transferred the refrigerated stuff to the fridge in the garage. I am so grateful for them. They are amazing!!!

From Callie's dad

Thanks for taking such good care of Callie-pie! She loves her report cards, Haha!.

From Madison, Maggie, George, Lola and Melman's mom

805PetSit has watched our kritters, 2 dogs, 3 cats, and 1 goldfish, while we were away. They are fabulous! One of my cats needed extra TLC…special meds and attention to make sure he ate his food. They did it and with a smile. They love animals and treat yours like they're family. We love 805PetSit.com!

From Ellie's mom

I LOVE Jill & Kathleen. Ellie loves her walks with them. I always know that she is well taken care of when we are away. The text updates are very reassuring as well. So thankful to have 805 Pet Sit in my community!

From Bentley's mom & dad

Thank you so much for the absolutely wonderful care you gave to our sweet Bentley. We loved the texts with the adorable pictures and got a kick out of the daily "report cards". We are so thankful that you run such a top-notch company. We know that Bentley is safe and happy at home and we didn't have to worry while we were away! We will definitely be repeat customers!

From Chanel, Maddie, and Heidi's mom & dad
From Charlie & Kagome's mom

Just wanted to give two big thumbs up to 805 PetSit for taking care of our fur babies while we were in Santa Barbara, running for other fur babies. I always am so happy and at ease knowing they are being well taken-care-of while we are away. If you ever need a petsitter in your home, they are the ones to call!

From Zoey's mom

Thanks so much for taking great care of Zoey (and fish) for so many days! She was so happy to see us but I could tell by all the toys that she had fun with you wonderful ladies!

From Eli, Baili and Kiwi's mom
I just want to post that Kathleen and Jill are the best. Thank you so much for taking great care of my 3 boys. You are professional and fun. Having a daily update made me feel at ease leaving on vacation. My boys will love to have you back again they told me. Eli wanted me to tell you that he wasn't as social because he was checking you guys out and that next time, he'll warm up to you more. He gave a thumbs up to you both... Thanks again, oh, and love the key chain! 
From Amy, Freckles, Buddy, Bobo, Sallie, et al's mom

It's always nice coming back home from vacation. Just wanted to give a shout-out to Kathleen and Jill at 805petsit for taking such good care of our critters while we were gone. Thanks again girlies!​

From Max and Sandy's mom

We have been blessed to know these amazing women for many years, so when they started their business we were delighted!  No more boarding our pets away and in noisy and stress inducing places. They could stay at home and be taken care  of  by  these  wonderful women.  We have used their services many times.  Our dogs, Sandy and Max are in love with Kathleen and Jill, and I think are disappointed when we return from being away!  Jill and Kathleen offer loving care to any animals you may have.  They take care of your pets as well as you take care of them or even better!  They walk them, take pictures of them, email you daily with updates and send you adorable pictures of your family pets.  We know that anyone with pets will love the care that they provide and be thrilled with these wonderful ladies.

From Kali and Oliver's mom & dad

Jill and Kathleen are absolutely amazing with our babies, Kali and Oliver.  When we go out of town, we have 100% peace of mind knowing that our animals are loved in our absence.  Jill and Kathleen are both so caring, and you can tell both are passionate about pets!  We also love the texts and report cards we get updating us on each visit.  Thank you so much, 805petsit.com – we love that you love our critters and that they love you!  Tiffany & Rob M.

From Leilani, Hapa, Toby, Milo, Moke, Mika and Lola's  mom & dad

My husband and I have been really grateful that 805 Pet Sit has been able to be with our pets. Jill & Nicole have been GREAT! We appreciate the text messages and look forward to reading the report card! We have a peace of mind with 805 Pet Sit being there for us. 

From Leilani, Hapa, Toby, Milo, Moke, Mika and Lola's  mom & dad

Thanks so much for taking great care of them for so long! They are so special to us and we never worry about them when we are away.

From Leilani, Hapa, Toby, Milo, Moke, Mika and Lola's  mom & dad
From Leilani, Hapa, Toby, Milo, Moke, Mika and Lola's  mom & dad

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